GREC is committed to taking an evidence-based approach, looking to identify and develop the most effective approaches to reducing discrimination and creating a fairer and more equal society in the North East of Scotland. To enquire about GREC delivering research for your organisation, please get in touch!

Key Publications

How Fair is North East Scotland? (2021 Edition)
Based on the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s publications, “How fair is the UK?” and “How Fair is Scotland?,” this document considers the experience of ethnic minorities in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray. It brings together statistics and relevant local research on employment, housing, education, health, social connections, language and public safety, and identifies gaps where more data is needed to assess the outcomes of public policy.

Grampian Health & Diversity Network: Main Findings, Initial Phase
Main Findings from the first phase of this project (March to July 2021), whose goal was to empower community members from ethnic minorities to become health champions for their communities by: 1) Increasing awareness on information around COVID-19, the vaccine rollout, and other key health messages and 2) Increasing participation in designing and improving health services.

Briefing: the Human Cost of Brexit
Report and recomendations, from the Shared Futures Group and No Recourse North East partnership.

Experiences of Chinese, East and South-East Asian Communities during COVID-19 in Scotland
Research carried out by the Scottish Alliance of Regional Equality Councils (SAREC), after reports of COVID-19 related abuse towards Chinese, East and South-East Asian communities.

Building Resilience with Refugees: A Gender-Sensitive Perspective
Literature review exploring a range of policies and projects that help reduce gender inequalities in refugee resettlement.

Grampian Hate Crime: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
Annual overviews of hate crimes reported to the police, along with prejudice incidents reported to GREC and other Third Party Reporting Centres. Including number of incidents, motivation, incident type, location, and victim characteristics. Also: Aberdeen City Hate Crime briefing, 2019.