No Recourse to Public Funds

Tackling and Preventing Destitution for people with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

Many people from outside of the UK have a ‘no recourse to public funds’ condition stipulated in their visas, preventing them from accessing most housing, homeless and welfare benefit assistance. The majority of people will have no problems as they work and stay in Scotland, but a significant number may run into unexpected and sudden problems for a wide variety of reasons. Often people affected find themselves in very difficult circumstances, usually with a significant impact on young and vulnerable people. Food poverty, housing and fuel debts etc. can quickly lead to destitution.

Accessing public funds can affect all non-UK nationals including those EEA nationals who have lost their right to reside. Rules and laws around these issues are very complicated and there are many exceptions. The No Recourse North East Partnership promotes ways of working that prevent people falling into destitution, as well as joint working that supports those that are in crisis and significant need. We work with over forty partner organisations from the third and public sectors – Local Authority departments of Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray, the NHS, and many charities as well as elected representatives at local and national level.

Our vision is for a region that is compassionate and welcoming to everyone, with systems and structures in place that prevent destitution and provide a safety net for all.

Please visit our Resources pages on the No Recourse North East website at:

for useful information and training materials which can be used to raise awareness around the issue of NRPF.

The Tackling and Preventing Destitution project provides free training for organisations which work with people with NRPF and shares information and best practice via three sub groups which focus on international students, people seeking asylum and survivors of domestic abuse. We also work with a group of people who have lived experience of NRPF to make sure we focus on the issues most relevant to them. Our work also informs policy change and we attend many local and national groups (including Scottish Government committees) to feedback our knowledge to decision makers.

If you would like to join our mailing list for either the full Partnership meetings or any of the sub-groups, please get in touch.

Contact: Susan Bains:   01224 579216