Training + Consultancy

GREC offers a range of training and consultancy packages, tailored to your organisation’s needs. We work with the public, private and third sector, community groups, educational establishments, etc. Please get in touch with to discuss your requirements.


Our trainings are designed to be interactive, informative, and engaging. All sessions can be delivered online or in-person (once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted), and can be held as one-off workshops or part of a wider training programme. Below are some examples of trainings we offer – if you need more details, please get in touch with

  • Introduction to Equalities
    Thinking and talking about equality and human rights; definitions of equality and why it matters; overview of the Equality Act 2010 including who is protected, different forms of discrimination and how it relates to your organisation; concepts of pejudice, hate crime and unconscious bias; case studies to develop participants’ understanding of equality in practice.
  • Inequality and Discrimination: An Overview of the Grampian Context
    Demographics of North East Scotland; statistics on prejudice and hate crime; other indicators of inequality and discrimination (employment, health, housing, etc); links between socio-economic inequality and protected characteristics; key equality issues in Grampian.
  • Unconscious Bias
    Identifying the negative effects of unconscious bias; simple techniques to mitigate its individual and social impact; using challenges and exercises to highlight the benefits of opening up new perspectives, including ways of achieving better results within teams and communities.
  • Introduction to Intersectionality
    Our lives are shaped by personal identity and social history. An intersectional approach helps us understand the complex ways these interact, including cycles of discrimination and advantage that can be difficult to spot when considering issues in isolation. Examples, exercises and case studies give practical tools for identifying barriers and ways to overcome them. Especially relevant in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement, #MeToo, etc.
  • Cultural Awareness
    When we understand and welcome participation from all sections of the population, we unlock a valuable organisational strategy. Benefits include improving team dynamics, facilitating honest dialogue among staff, improving staff awareness, and developing a positive sense of organisational identity.
  • Working Effectively with an Interpreter
    Anticipating and tackling difficult situations when working with a language interpreter; how to get the most out of your patient/client interactions; interpreter code of conduct; examples, solutions and top tips to increase your confidence and effectiveness in working with interpreters.


Our Consultancy Service offers advice and support for businesses and organisations that want to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and culture.

We recognise that for equality to truly advance, it will require real change from organisations across all sectors. There are many benefits for organisations when they improve their approach to promoting and embedding equality. For example:

  • developing a workplace culture where everyone is valued and respected
  • ensuring equality (and avoiding discrimination) in recruitment and career progression
  • attracting the best talent
  • making the most of the benefits of a diverse workforce

Depending on the needs of your organisation, our consultancy model can include:

  • facilitated discussions with board or staff teams
  • helping you establish an equality baseline through surveys or focus groups
  • carrying out a full audit of equality processes within the organisation
  • support to review and redevelopt equality policies and procedures

To find out more and discuss your organisation’s needs, email to arrange a meeting.
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