Volunteer Opportunity: Community Researcher

We have a fantastic opportunity for people to volunteer with the PATH – Prejudice and Solidarity Archived Throughout History Project as a Community Researcher.

You will help research and share local history in Aberdeen with a focus on minority ethnic groups’ perceptions and experience of equality, social justice, solidarity, and prejudice.

You will guide the project research questions and influence the direction of the project through your participation in various group discussions and workshops.

The principal volunteering activities will be to:

  • investigate physical and digital archives in Aberdeen, newspapers, museums collections and other sources to find information on the history of prejudice and solidarity in Aberdeen.
  • record, document and transcribe interviews with members of minority ethnic groups.
  • reach out to your community and find relevant historical events and testimonies to record

Through volunteering as a Community Researcher you will also:

  • gain experience and skills related to heritage research.
  • help diversify archives in Aberdeen and surrounding areas by sharing minority ethnic groups’ history.
  • learn how to conduct interviews sensitively following ethical principles.
  • have access to funded opportunities for further training and development in relation to local heritage and history.
  • relevant training and excellent support is provided to all volunteers.

For more information please contact Louise Henrard (PATH Project Co-ordinator) at email: lhenrard@grec.co.uk