New Scots (Syrian Refugees) in Aberdeenshire (Health)

In March 2018, 82% of the Syrian New Scots reported that their health had improved, either a little (65%) or a lot (17%). 12% of working-age adults were long-term sick or disabled. At the consultation event in September 2017, mental health was a key concern. Many participants mentioned significant problems with social isolation, separation from family members, the aftermath of trauma, anxiety about long-term immigration status, and the lack of Arabic-language mental health services. As with other issues, the language barrier made it difficult to access health services, and some participants had encountered health professionals who refused to use Language Line or request interpreters, instead referring patients back to the resettlement team. Another health-related issue highlighted in the consultation was poor availability of halal food in Inverurie and other parts of Aberdeenshire

Data Source:  2018, Syrian New Scots Partnership.
Category:  Qualitative Data
Topics:  Aberdeenshire  Disability  Health  New Scots