In the 2011 Census, more people in Grampian said they had ‘no religion’ (44.6%) than any specific religious group, and 7.5% did not state a religion. The three Christian categories totalled 45.8% (Church of Scotland 31.6%, Roman Catholic 6.7%, Other Christian 7.5%). The average across Scotland for ‘no religion’ was 36.7%, religion not stated 7%, Church of Scotland 32.4%, Roman Catholic 15.9% and Other Christian 5.5%. While most Church of Scotland members were born in Scotland (93%), nearly half of Grampian’s Roman Catholics were born outside the UK (45.4%), compared with the Scottish average of 12.2%.

In Grampian, people born outside the UK were more likely to identify with a religion: two-thirds versus around half, and the group with the highest proportion identifying with a religion (78.3%) were born in Africa. The figures were similar for Scotland as a whole. Grampian had slightly lower proportions of people who belonged to minority religions (Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Other Religions) than Scotland as a whole (2.1% vs. 2.6%).

Data Source:  2011, Scotland’s Census 2011, Table LC2207SC.
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