Modern Apprenticeships

Beyond employment, an indicator of economic integration is participation in Modern Apprenticeship (MA) schemes. As with other statistics above, data collected by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is ‘colour coded’ so ethnic minority figures do not include, for example, EU immigrants or their children. Still, it remains a useful indicator. And while ethnic minorities remain under-represented in MAs, Grampian’s figures were closer to reflecting the population than Scotland as a whole (see below). All three local authorities in Grampian increased the proportion of ethnic minorities in MAs since 2017, and Aberdeen City had the highest proportion in Scotland: 7.7%, compared with the Scottish average of 2.7%.

See also: Skills Development Scotland, 2017. Equalities Summaries: Aberdeen City (link); Aberdeenshire (link); Moray (link).

Data Source:  2021, ONS, Annual Population Survey, % ethnic minority, aged 16+, April 2020 to March 2021.
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