In Aberdeen City, ethnic minorities made up 11% of the workforce in both human health and social work and accommodation and food service. 20% of the city’s ethnic minority workers were in the former; 12% in the latter. Unusually compared with Scottish averages, 9% of workers in professional, scientific and technical activities in Aberdeen were ethnic minorities: 13% of the total ethnic minority workforce. The figures were 3.6% and 5.7% in Scotland as a whole. 13% also worked in wholesale and retail trade / repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.

20% of ethnic minority workers in Aberdeenshire and Moray also worked in human health and social work, and 24% of ethnic minority workers in Moray were based in accommodation and food service (15% in Aberdeenshire, and 16.7% in Scotland as a whole). As with Aberdeen City, another key industry was wholesale and retail trade / repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, with 15% of the ethnic minority workforce in Aberdeenshire and Moray. Due to small population sizes, ethnic minorities made up small proportions of the overall workforce in all other industries.

Data Source:  2011, Scotland’s Census, Table DC6216SC.
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