As shown below, the general health of ‘non-white’ ethnic minorities tends to be better than for ‘white’ people in Grampian and across Scotland as a whole. This likely relates to different age profiles, as shown above. Separate data was not available for ‘white’ ethnic minorities.

Health StatusEthnicityAberdeen CityAberdeenshireMorayGrampian AverageScotland Average
Good or Very Good‘White’85%87%85%86%82%
Good or Very Good‘Non-White’96%94%89%95%90%
Fair Ethnic Minority4%5%8%4%7%
Bad or Very BadScottish/British4%3%4%4%6%
Bad or Very Bad Ethnic Minority1%1%3%1%3%

Data Source:  2011, Scotland’s Census, Table LC3206SC.
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Topics:  Disability  Ethnicity  Health