Ethnicity: NHS Data

Grampian Population Ethnicity Data, 2021 – age 40+ only

More recent data is available from NHS Scotland, where (colour coded) ethnicity is recorded with a person’s CHI Number, by health board. In statistics on Covid-19 vaccine uptake, the population for each ethnicity was listed, but only for age 40+. It may be possible to get broader data, though as shown in the table below, a significant number of people are ‘ethnic group unknown.’

Ethnic GroupNumber
Total: All people (AGE 40+)318,693
White: Scottish145,428
White: Other British49,925
White: Irish866
White: Gypsy/Traveller361
White: Polish2,224
White: Other White6,630
White: Subgroup Unknown13,671
Asian, Asian Scottish/British3,299
African, African Scottish/British1,267
Caribbean, Black, or Caribbean/Black Scottish/British320
Mixed or multiple ethnic groups575
Arab, Arab Scottish/British184
Other ethnic groups1,496

Data Source:  2021, Vaccination Uptake: Individuals in receipt of dose 1 of COVID-19 vaccine up to and including 25 May 2021.
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