Ethnicity: Census Data

The Census is the most reliable source for ethnicity data, which is not collected in Scotland’s Mid-Year Population Estimates (though it does present data on country of origin).

In 2011, the most diverse wards in Aberdeen City were Tillydrone/ Seaton/ Old Aberdeen and Torry/ Ferryhill, where 33% and 23% of the population were ethnic minorities. Overall, Aberdeen City was more ethnically diverse than Scotland as a whole, with 2-3 times more people with Polish, ‘other white,’ Asian, and mixed backgrounds; and nearly 4 times more Africans than Scotland as a whole.

The most diverse wards in Aberdeenshire and Moray were Fraserburgh and District (10.5% ethnic minorities), Peterhead North and Rattray (9.9%), and Elgin City South (6.7%) and North (6.3%). Most of the ethnic minorities in these wards were of Eastern European origin.

Grampian Population Ethnicity Data, 2011

Ethnic GroupNumber%
All people569,061100%
White: Scottish448,13379%
White: Other British64,89111%
White: Irish3,8051%
White: Gypsy/Traveller5330.1%
White: Polish11,0362%
White: Other White17,6923%
Mixed or multiple ethnic groups2,4910.4%
Asian, Asian Scottish/British12,1552%
African, African Scottish/British5,6201%
Caribbean, Black, or Caribbean/Black Scottish/British9140.2%
Other ethnic groups1,7910.3%

Data Source:  2011, Scotland’s Census, Table KS201SC.
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