Employment Rates

The most reliable source for employment rates by ethnicity is the Census. In 2011, employment in the Grampian region was higher than in Scotland as a whole, for both Scottish/British people and ethnic minorities. This follows the general pattern of the past decade (shown below).

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates annual employment rates across the UK, using a sample of 100,000 people. While this is broadly representative, it is impossible to get a perfectly accurate picture, especially when considering small groups (such as ethnic minorities) in less densely populated areas (like Aberdeenshire and Moray). However, ONS data is the most accurate information available, and it gives a general picture between censuses.

Another shortcoming of ONS data is its ‘colour coding’ of ethnicity. Ethnic groups are listed as ‘white’ or ‘ethnic minority’, obscuring figures for ethnic minorities from Europe, Gypsy/Travellers, etc. Country of birth data resolves this problem to a certain extent, so below we examine figures for ‘white’ and ethnic minority people born in the UK, and those born outside the UK.

Data Source:  2015, ONS Labour Force Survey QMI. Link.
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