Country of Birth

In 2020, Aberdeen City had the highest proportion in Scotland of non-UK born residents: 24%, or 56,000 people, with slightly more than half born in the EU and half outside the EU. For Aberdeenshire and Moray, the figures were 9% (24,000 people) and 5% (5,000 people), with a similar split between EU and non-EU. The Scottish average for 2020 was 9.6%.

Both the proportion of residents born outside of the UK, and the proportion of ethnic minorities has been rising steadily in recent decades, and this has been more pronounced in Aberdeen City, as shown below. While population estimates can be skewed by sample size, the overall trend is clear to see and figures will be confirmed in the 2022 Census. The countries of birth with the highest numbers in Grampian/Scotland in 2011 are also shown below.

Data Source:  2020, NRS, Population by Country of Birth and Nationality in Scotland, by Council Area, 2020. Link.
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