Aberdeenshire Council Research (Safety)

While data was not collected on participant ethnicity in the Community Survey or Citizens’ Panel Survey, both found that participants knew people in Aberdeenshire who had experienced prejudice, discrimination or harassment (66% and 39%). A smaller proportion (38% and 22%) had experienced prejudice, discrimination or harassment themselves.

In ‘Community Conversations,’ participants were generally positive about safety in Aberdeenshire, despite being aware of a few negative incidents. One New Scot had been subject to name calling but this was resolved by talking with the person who had targeted them. More broadly, participants identified a number of groups who may not feel safe because of a protected characteristic – women, the elderly, and those who live rurally. Notably, this did not include ethnic minorities.

Data Source:  2021, Aberdeenshire Council Equality Outcomes, Interim Engagement Analysis. Link.
Category:  Qualitative Data
Topics:  Aberdeenshire  Discrimination  Prejudice  Safety