Crime Rates

In the 2020 Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD), Grampian had 62 neighbourhoods in Scotland’s highest decile for crime: 42 in Aberdeen City, 13 in Aberdeenshire, and 7 in Moray. At the same time, 118 were in the lowest decile for crime: 30 in Aberdeen City, 67 in Aberdeenshire and 21 in Moray. Using the (very similar) 2012 data in conjunction with Census data, the highest-crime neighbourhoods were home to 42,000 people, of whom three-quarters were Scottish/British, and a quarter were ethnic minorities. The lowest-crime neighbourhoods were home to 36,000 people, of whom 93% were Scottish/British and 7% were ethnic minorities.

Data Source:  2020, Scotland’s Census, Tables LC2205SC and QS203SC; Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. Link.
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