Tackling Economic Barriers

After identifying the barriers to employment faced by ethnic minority people in Year One of the project, we are now working to help people overcome those barriers. This includes:

  • offering diversity training to councils and organisations to help tackle discrimination in the recruitment process;
  • mapping and promoting available ESOL classes and employability assistance to help people find the resources they need more easily;
  • developing a scheme to match people with volunteer opportunities to help develop their confidence with English and build their work experience;
  • establishing an ‘employability ESOL’ class alongside an existing advice drop-in session offered by Langstane Housing Association and Shelter Scotland;
  • referring people to support from other organisations as appropriate, for example Pathways and Cash In Your Pocket;
  • promoting integration and cohesion at the strategic level and through building community level projects;
  • exploring issues around access to work for ethnic minority women;
  • developing a suite of data to be shared between different organisations, to better inform policy decisions and targeting of services.