Adult Counselling Service

This service provides counselling for adults who are experiencing discrimination due to prejudice, or have been affected by hate crime.

To access counselling please contact Molinda:

FeedbackOver the years I have been attending my counselling sessions, each session has helped me improve gradually.  Step by step in relationships, my bad childhood, my self esteem, confidence, trust, being vulnerable and many more.  If it wasn’t for my sessions with GREC who knows where I’d be.  Who knew that someone listening and understanding my mental health would be so helpful and life changing.”

“I’ve been attending the counselling sessions provided by GREC for almost a year and I am very pleased with the service provided.  I am treated very well and welcomed by the staff.  My counsellor has been very supportive and has helped me strengthen my mental health.”

We rely on highly qualified volunteers, sponsorship and donations – please help if you can.