New Volunteer Opportunity – Aberdeen Language Cafes

What is a Language Cafe?

Language Cafes are sessions which provide individuals whose first language is not English with an informal learning opportunity and a chance to practice speaking with others via semi-structured activities. Through the Language Cafe we aim to reach out to those who are isolated in the community or excluded and provide individuals with the opportunity to meet people in a friendly, relaxed environment.

When and where will the Language Cafes be?

There is currently a monthly Language Cafe running in Sopranos Bistro on Guild Street. Our next step is to set up a Language Cafe in Torry, and then we will be increasing the frequency of Cafes and extending the opportunities to other areas around Aberdeen. We cannot yet confirm the days or times of the Cafes, as this will depend on venues and what suits both learners and volunteers.

What are we looking for help with?

There are various opportunities for getting involved.

During the Language Cafe we are looking for volunteer help with:

  • setting up the room
  • greeting attendees as they arrive and making them feel welcome
  • Helping lead activities during the cafe
  • Assisting groups with any difficulties they have with activities
  • Mingling with attendees and helping to encourage chatting
  • Collecting feedback from attendees about the Cafe
  • Clearing up at the end of the session

Out with the Language Cafe times we are looking for volunteer help with:

  • Planning activities for the cafe
  • Gathering resources needed for the cafe, e.g. games, print outs, refreshments
  • Assisting with admin, e.g. circulating posters

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for warm, friendly, confident people with an excellent level of English. Good communication skills, cultural awareness and sensitivity are important. No experience of teaching is required, although this would be a bonus.

Next step…

If you are interested in getting involved we would like to invite you to our Language Cafe Information Session. This will be held at midday on Thursday 14th July at the GREC Office at 41 Union Street. This will give you the chance to meet Louise Nind, the Language Cafe Development Worker, to learn more about the project and to ask any questions you may have. If you would like to come along please RSVP to Louise at as spaces are limited.