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The focus of NESEN is very much equality and diversity, with all the implications beyond that, from the interpretation of law to the implementation of policy, a discussion of good practice and the extent to which consumers of services perceive value and relevance in what is delivered, and – of particular importance – ways in which equality policy can be designed and delivered in ways that effectively cut across the distinct equality ‘silos’.

Specific equality strands have communicated with varying degrees of effectiveness among themselves. However, with increasingly inclusive and holistic planning and legislation, it is timely for NESEN to both encourage and enable this exchange across all interested stakeholders.

This covers disability and race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion/belief and so forth, as well as providing an opportunity for dialogue and comparisons of good practice and value for money among providers.

The formation of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) together with the Single Equality Act, signals a shift of emphasis towards working in partnership across the equalities . We believe this Network will help raise levels of partnership working, learning and benefit across the Grampian region.

North East Scotland Equalities Network (NESEN) History

In May 2008, using Scottish Government funding, Grampian Racial Equality Council (GREC) began work on helping to set up what has now become the North East Scotland Equalities Network.

On January 28th 2009, an important planning meeting for the emerging group took place at Woodhill House. The meeting, which took the form of a workshop, was facilitated by Morag Redwood from the Highlands and Islands Equality Forum (HEIF).

The outcome of this workshop was that a user-led Grampian wide Equalities Network, be established.It was recommended that the Network have a steering group made up of 15-20 key individuals from the different equality strands, covering gender, race, disability, faith and belief, sexual orientation and age, and a much, much wider network membership of mainly voluntary sector individuals, groups and organisations from across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

GREC’s role within the Network is a developmental one and also to provide administrative and co-ordinating support.

As stated above, the Network aims to be user-led and user-driven, keeping members connected and informed of events and news and requests for assistance across the wide spectrum of equality.

In its’ early form as the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Equality Forum, from which the Network was born, the focus was initially on Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, but rapidly came to include Moray. The Equality Network in Highland was an exemplar and catalyst for this initiative, but so equally has been a great deal of local interest in setting up a vehicle that would enable wider dissemination of knowledge and experience.

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NESEN Constitution