Ethnic Minority Health Link Project


The aim of the Ethnic Minority Health Link Project is to investigate and work in partnership to address the health needs of migrant and ethnic minority communities in Aberdeen. The project was funded by the Aberdeen City Health Improvement Fund and ran until March 2017.

Part of the project is promoting the Know Who To Turn To campaign, the NHS campaign explaining the first point of contact for the most common illnesses. To learn more about it visit Know Who To Turn To.

There are various research elements of the project and these can be broken down into:

exploring how specific health issues may present particular barriers to ethnic minority communities in Aberdeen;
gaining a better understanding of the journeys that people take when they arrive in Aberdeen (e.g. what are the first services and organisations they come into contact with) and how information can most effectively be given to newly arrived migrants;
looking at what NHS and other services have tried to change in other parts of the country in order to address barriers to health services and exploring which changes would best work in Aberdeen.
An example of the first type of research is the project’s focus on how Blood-Borne Virus (BBV) testing can be more accessible to ethnic minorities. We hope to help tackle any stigmas around BBV and raise awareness about what Blood-Borne Viruses are and how people can be tested. To read more about BBV, view the Research Paper here.

Another example of our research will be looking into links between poor health and inadequate housing in Aberdeen. The project team will identify further health issues to focus on as the project progresses.